Les Loups de Chabrières

Become a  privileged observer of the most fascinating top-level predators in the heart of the Forest of Chabrières, a few kilometers from the centre of Gueret.

I LOVE this place! It’s like swimming with dolphins. As close as most of us will ever get to an understanding with these wonderful maligned animals of the forest. Wolves are fascinating and very empathetic animals, they are very much like us, warts and all.  Think we’re not a pack animal? Think again…. we have that within  us – both the alpha and omega.

The first time you come here you’ll walk around the mountain-top feeling slightly ripped-off. There’s no wolves here! The truth is they KNOW you’re around long before you even thought of them. Sooner or later they’ll make their presence known and you’ll be hooked.

I’ve stared into the eyes of a wonderfully wild wolf between a sheet of perspex and had him look up at the height of the enclosure and seemingly figure out what it might take to reach to me. It still feels like an irresistible primeval connection rather than any attempt to do me harm. Look at this photo and tell me this wolf wants anything more than  to connect.

[les Loups de Chabrière]
les Loups de Chabrière
Of course they are serious animals which warrant our respect but they also require our trust and affection otherwise we will drive them to extinction.

This fabulous refuge offers a point of contact with these fascinating animals in a unique surrounding. It’s a habitat in which humans can enter and see a variety of wolves and learn about them – study them.

Children and adults alike will come away charmed and fascinated.

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