On the road out of Crozant to the West, just over the Creuse via bridge into the Indre region lies the Hôtel du LacUndeniably a beautiful spot, 1 to 3 person canoes can be hired here, including paddles, life jackets and waterproof containers.

[Canoeing at the Hôtel du Lac]
Canoeing at the Hôtel du Lac
There is no rough water on the lake and it is therefore ideally suited to inexperienced canoeists.

Naturally, children under 12 must be accompanied and supervised
and the wearing of shoes and a life vest is mandatory.  Users navigate on their own responsibility.

Fares change but the most recent suggest the following prices:

  • 1 person – 1 hour, €7 / half-day, €21 / full day, €30;
  • 2/3 persons – 1 hour €10 / half-day, €30 / full day, €40;

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