Getting There

From the UK by Road

I recommend the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe run by DFDS Seaways. The service operates twice daily: early in the morning and again in the early evening. Timetables change seasonally as do prices. Book as early as possible up to three months in advance.

From Dieppe it is 490km drive to Colondannes which will take at least 5hrs 20 mins. Unless you have taken the early morning ferry and are in a hurry I would recommend overnighting somewhere between Chartres and Orleans.  Some excellent places we have used are listed below.

The Route

Dieppe to Colondannes

This route has tolls so you will need to ensure that you have a ready supply of small €uro notes and coins.  payment can also be made by card if required. If you are driving a right-hand drive vehicle and do not have a front seat passenger, you will need to reach over to the passenger side window in order to pay at the toll booths. DO NOT attempt to go to the booths marked with an orange ‘t’. These are Télécharger automated booths for registered users. Instead look for the booths marked with  cash coins or cards.


Colondannes can be reached within a day with an estimated arrival time of 10:30-11:30PM, depending upon conditions. Whilst it is not to difficult to find places to stay at short notice en route, if you are planning a stopover we recommend booking from the following gîte  near Orleans we have used in the past. They are friendly and inexpensive and do not take you far off the route.

Ferme de La Poterie
45450 Donnery
Tél: +33 2 38 59 20 03

From the UK by Air

Flights to Limoges, Bellegarde from London, Stansted with RyanAir are the fastest way to get to Colondannes. Of course you will need car hire organised in advance for the duration of you stay. The 77km drive north to the house  should take 60 mins via  the A20/L’Occitane. You should take the 23a exit to la Souterraine on the N145 and thence the D951 for the final 15kms to Colondannes.

Flights to Poitiers, Biard from London, Stansted with RyanAir are also a good alternative depending upon pricing and times. Again, you will need to organise car hire in advance and this can often be cheaper than the Limoges option. I advise comparing the two combined before making your choice. the 136km drive east to the house should take about two hours depending upon traffic. This route principally involves two roads: the N147 and the N145.

From Paris by Rail

The fastest train will take you directly to La Souterraine from Gare d’Austerlitz in 2hrs 30mins. From there you will need  a car to travel the remaining 15km to Colondannes. Buy tickets here.

Alternatively you can travel further south to Limoges and hire a vehicle from a range of agencies. Avis is right next to the central train station.

Car Rental in La Souterraine

There is only one car rental agency in La Souterraine.

Bus Services

Unsurprisingly these services are very limited. The Ligne 12 between La Souterraine and Aguirande stops in both Colondannes and Dun-le-Palestel. Journeys can be planned online here.