[How to do stuff in the house...]

How To…

Most houses require specialist knowledge. This house is no different. If you want or need to use something you should be able to find out how here.

Not only do we have some of the usual accoutrements of day-to-day living, we have a number of ‘working antiques’ too. We love to see these used but they need special care and attention to protect them for posterity.

You will not, however, find a television, a working telephone or a computer. We hope that part of your reason for staying in this house is to escape from many of the pressures and constant distractions of modern life. If you cannot manage without them, by all means bring them with you and please, do take them away when you leave.

We flatter ourselves that there is plenty to do here without recourse to too much electronic wizardry. There are books galore, and games to play in the coffee table trunk. Many of the books are on games or practical topics which will allows you to develop new skills and hobbies if you’ve a mind. There is also much to see within walking distance and a world to explore beyond that.

You will have noticed the piano on the ground floor. This is a cottage upright manufactured by John Broadwood & Sons of London in 1872 – the oldest piano-maker in the World. By all means enjoy playing the Old Girl. There are some basic music books to help the untutored. We try to keep her in tune but she will probably slip from time-to-time.

Available here for your assistance are the manuals and instructions for operating all the gizmos. We have also provided a checklist for how to open up the house and how to close it up again when you leave.