Walking Bridiers

Start at the Cheix lake

Walk along the edge of the lake up the right to the tree line.

Cross the wood to the castle tower, and join the dwellings: to port to follow the path that winds between two houses. Then take care crossing the D951.

Continue on the road in front, cross Bridiers and out in front by a track to be followed straight to get into the box. After the climb: left down the path to another branch.

Go to the right and continue until a track. Join the previous intersection and back to Bridiers.

Before the village, follow the trail to the right, then take the left-hand path. Take the road and join the D951 to cross. then follow the path to the left, and at the intersection, up the road to the right to emerge on the heights.

Down the path that continues on a road, which must then be followed by the left and then another left to leave by the activity area and the  Cheix Lake.

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Walking the Tour de Briders