Use the Range & Oven

SMEG CG90N 5X Oven & Range cooker

Before the oven or range can be used it will be necessary to ensure that BOTH the gas and electricity are turned ON.

The electricity meter is located high on the wall near the entrance to the kitchen. This is the mains connection and ON the switch  must be in the correct position. If the consumption disc is moving then the power is indisputably on.

The butane gas bottle is located to the RIGHT of the oven and below the butcher’s block. The gas tap must be turned to the OPEN position. If a burner can be successfully lit with the customary turn and press, click-to-ignite, then all is well.

Burner Control

Flame Ignition is by pressing and rotating the knob anti-clockwise to the minimum flame value. To adjust the flame , turn the knob to the zone between the maximum (screenshot_23) and minimum (screenshot_24) . The extinction of the burner is done by bringing the knob to the midnight position.

[Burner Control]
Burner Control

Electric Oven Thermostat Control

Cooking temperature is selected by turning the control clockwise to the desired value, between 50 ° and 250 ° C. The appearance of the LED indicates that the oven is heating up. The extinction of this LED indicates that the preset temperature has been reached. Regular flashing indicates that the temperature within the furnace is constantly maintained at the programmed level.

[Oven Thermostat Control]
Oven Thermostat

Electric Convection Oven Functions Control

Electric oven functions are suitable for different cooking modes. After selecting the desired function, set the cooking temperature with the thermostat knob (see above).

[Oven Functions Control]
Oven Functions Control

[Oven Light]  OVEN LIGHT                          [Convection Oven] CONVECTION OVEN

[Grill Control] GRILL                                          [Fan Forced Grill] FAN FORCED GRILL

[Fan Forced Oven] FAN FORCED OVEN        [Circulating Heat Oven] CIRCULATING HEAT OVEN

Using the Hob

The hob has an electronic ignition device. Simply press and turn each controller anti-clockwise to the symbol of the minimum flame and hold until ignition occurs. If the burner does not light within 15 seconds, turn the knob to midnight and do not attempt to turn on again for 60 seconds. Hold the handle for a few seconds to allow the thermocouple to warm up. It may happen that the burner goes out when the knob is released: this means that the thermocouple has not warmed up enough. Repeat the process holding the knob pressed in for slightly longer.

[Hob Burner Plan]
Hob Burner Plan
  1.  Auxiliary for pans 12-14cm
  2.  Semi-Rapid for pans 16-24cm
  3. Semi-Rapid for pans 16-24cm
  4. Ultra-Rapid for pans 18-16cm

If the burners should go out accidentally, a safety device will intervene and block the gas outlet even if the tap is open. In this case bring the knob to the off position and do not attempt to relight the burner for at least 60 seconds.

Using the Oven

To avoid the effects of any steam in the oven, open the door twice: leave ajar (about 5 cm ) for 4 or 5 seconds and then fully open . If the dish requires some care, leave the door open as short a time as possible to prevent the temperature inside the oven from falling too fast, affects the dish.

Storage Compartment

The storage compartment is located in the lower part of the cooker, underneath the oven . It can be accessed by pulling the top edge of the door. Do not leave flammable materials such as rags or paper in there. It should contain nothing but the metal accessories of the oven.

Electronic Programmer

[Electronic Programmer]
Electronic programmer
[Timer Button] TIMER BUTTON                               [Duration Button] DURATION BUTTON

[End Cooking Button] END COOKING BUTTON         [Increase] INCREASE BUTTON


Before adjusting the programmer activate the desired function and temperature.

When first using the oven or after power has been switched back on, the display flashes at regular intervals, showing [0:00]. Press the keys and  [End of Cooking]simultaneously [Start of Cooking]while pressing the modification keys or the values [Increase] or [Decrease]. This will increase or decrease the digital values displayed.

Semiautomatic cooking

Use this setting for automatic shutdown of the oven after cooking. Press the button [Duration Button], the dial turns on and displays the numbers [0:00]; continue to hold and push the same time the value adjust buttons [Increase] or [Decrease] to set the cooking duration. Release the [Duration Button] button. The count of the programmed cooking time begins immediately ; the dial show the right time together with symbols A and [Duration Button] (see above image) .

Automatic Cooking

This selection allows the oven to be controlled automatically. Press [Duration Button] and the dial turns on and displays the numbers [0:00]; whilst holding down the same button press [Increase] or [Decrease]at the same time to adjust the keys or to set the value of the cooking time. Press [Duration Button]and the display will show the sum of the actual time + cooking time ; hold the key down while pressing the buttons to change the value [Increase] or [Decrease]to set end of cooking time. Release the [End Cooking Button] button and the programmed count will start and the display will show the right time together with symbols A and [Duration Button].

After programming, to see remaining cooking time remaining press [Duration Button]; to see the end time of the cooking press [End Cooking Button]. Programming using inconsistent values ​​is logically prevented (eg . A contradiction between the end of cooking and a longer duration will not be accepted by the programmer).

At the end of cooking, the oven will turn off automatically when an intermittent alarm will sound. After neutralisation of this signal, the display will show the current time and the symbol [Duration Button] indicating the return to the manual of use of the oven state.

The programmer can also be used as a simple timer. Press [Timer Button] and the figures [0:00] are displayed on the dial; hold the key while pressing the buttons change in the value [Increase] or [Decrease]. When you release the button, the timer countdown begins and the current time and the symbol [Timer Button] appears on the display..

After programming , to display the time remaining press the [Timer Button] key. Use as a timer does not interrupt oven operation at the end of the set time .

Adjusting the Alarm Volume

The buzzer has 3 different volumes. To change, press the button at the end of the timer function, when the ringer is on.

Alarm Off

The alarm turns off automatically after seven minutes. It is possible to manually disconnect by pressing the [Duration Button] and [End Cooking Button] keys simultaneously. 

Cancellation of set data

With the selected program, press the function button to be erased while using modification keys [Increase] or [Decrease] to match the pre-set value. Clearing the term will be interpreted by the controller as the end of cooking.

Changing the programmed values

The selected values ​​for cooking can be changed at any time. Simply hold down the function key and press simultaneously on the  [Increase] or [Decrease]buttons to change the value.


For ordinary daily cleaning to preserve the stainless steel surfaces, always use only specific products that do not contain abrasives or chlorine-based acids. Pour the product onto a damp cloth and wipe the surface, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth or chamois. Absolutely avoid using metallic sponges or sharp scrapers: they will damage surfaces. Avoid letting sweet food residues (eg . Jam) bake onto the surface of the oven. If left for too long, they can damage the enamel lining of the oven.

Further Reading

If, after all this, you still wish to read the original French manual, you can download it here: SMEG_CG90N_5X.