St. Leger-Bridereix

[Les Roches des Combes]
Les Roches des Combes
[Vue Generale de Châtillon]
Vue Generale de Châtillon
[Route de Dun-le-Paletel]
Route de Dun-le-Paletel
[Les Moulins de Châtillon]
Les Moulins de Châtillon in 1903

Flour and oil mills were recorded 16th century  Châtillon . The state of the 1808 mansion mentions a flour mill and an oil mill in poor condition, both covered with thatch. Three mills were recorded on the cadastre of 1825: two vertical wheels below the mansion and another more distant south horizontal wheel. The current house was built after 1825 and was converted into a second home after 1950. A small stable barn was added in the 20th century. 

St Leger-Bridereaux
St. Leger-Bridereix: Vue de Châtillon
St. Leger-Bridereix: Restaurant J. Coudoin
St. Leger-Bridereix: Restaurant J. Coudoin